Monday 4 July 2016

Posties Painted

I've started to ease into my month off. painted a radiator, fixed a light and failed to fix a door. However I have painted the Ebor Miniatures Belgians as postmen for VBCW. They were a joy to paint, nicely sculpted and moulded with very little flash and barely visible mould marks (only on the top of the hats). I've painted them to match the rest of my postmen in overcoats with Prussian Blue overcoats with red lining.

Colour a little washed out in photos.

The Hotchkiss MMGs with dog limbers are great. Basically I painted them black and then used Foundry metal to brush them all over (my Foundry metal paint has settled out somewhat and refused to mix back properly which actually works much better). I then painted the harnesses red leather. The dogs are Belgian Laekenois (I know absolutely nothing about dogs). Undecided on whether to buy the firing set to duplicate.

This is my total knowledge of Belgian Music, actually think this may be all of it.  Of the 21 most searched Belgian Music Stars on the internet I've never heard of any of them.

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