Saturday 30 July 2016

I must stop going to the Flea Market

I went to Tynemouth market this morning, where I bought the British Napoleonics 2 weeks ago. No new Naps but I did buy this 1kg bag for £20

It contained loads of retro figures, mainly Mimnfigs I think

25-28mm ancients, sci fi and fantasy


Really cool Scifi chick on a jet bike

Mainly scifi vehicles but a large Balrog and a really cool Africa Statue

13 ACW figs

Hobbits, Skels and a Scifi trike

10 - 15mm figs and weapons

1:300 modern british tank army (I think). Never had a tank army before. Another new army.

I'm really quite pleased with these. Very retro and castings are not really great but there are lots of figs and some of them are really great.

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