Monday 20 March 2023

13th Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge Conclusion

 Another winter painting figs for the Challenge has finished and I painted 4643.6 points of figures - equivalent of 928 28mm  infantry figures. I finished an honourable 3rd (although it is not about painting the most number of figures, it is just about painting for fun)

928 figures seems a lot but actually my challenge this year was dominated terrain (you get 20pts for 6" cube) and I needed a lot for an upcoming massive (48ftx6ft) game. Therefore I needed jungle and some really massive hills to do justice to the table

Some 10mm Spanish buildings - for SCW

1st massive hill, all are 6 foot long, this one only 3 inches high

Jungle, made from one of those plastic pivet balls from Poundland

Underground subway station in a file box

Bigger hill, all 3 made from Kingspan and this was was 1, 2 and 3 inch thick sections

Final hill

My figure painting varied from 10mm Renaissance Polish to 75mm individual figures

28mm Subway car

10mm 7 Years War Scottish army, imaginary army. No plan to make it any bigger but useful for fighting Ian and Ian's French and Russian armies

French Trialleurs Algerien from HLBS. Very big 28mm figures

Polish Winged Hussars, I finished the whole Polish army but barely started the Ottomans

75mm barbarian king from Mr Lees

Dwarf general - I scratch built the rider

I painted quite a few dwarfs, these are boar riders

Female Dwarf rifle troop

Gyrocopters, I have a plan for Dwarfs in Lustria - I have jungle and the fantasy version of Vietnam appeals

I finished my ACW armies (10 file boxes altogether). These are the last unit, the 3rd New Jersey

Finally some Montagnards for Vietnam

Hope you enjoyed this brief review of this years work, there were loads more. I'm off for a rest now