Monday 3 April 2023

New Games Room and a Christening Battle

 Saturday I went over to Matt's for another Blood in the Sand Battle. It was a great battle and I took rubbish photos but Matt's report can be found here.

This morning some men in aa van came and removed some surplus furniture from my house, including the double bed from the spare room. this means I can now play big battles. So I fought one

the table is 6ft x 4ft and folds up. It was made by Stig and given to me. Bren cut in in half to fit it in my car and then I stuck it back together I will be eternally grateful. The mat is an oatmeal coloured £6 single bed sheet with some spray paint for texture

The sides are Carthaginians (mainly Numidians) vs Republican Romans

Lots of heavy infantry

vs lots of lighter troops and missle troops

even more heavy iinfantry on the Roman left

The Carthaginan centre is very strong with heavy spearmen and elephants. In Kings of War elephants are mad hard so we've tweaked the rules to make then hard but easier to rout

So they smash in

3 turns of attritional combat

The Carthaginians have the upper hand

On the left the Romans are winning

But they are dead everywhere else

Crushing Carthaginian victory - Hannibal would be proud

In other news I've bitten the bullet and bought a 28mm Warlord Napoleonic Russian starter army. Should keep my busy for a while