Sunday 31 July 2016

A closer inspection of yesterday's figs

After the discovery yesterday that the Sci Fi chick on a jet bike was an original Citadel Rogue trader figure worth about £15-20 (thanks +Mike Ellson) I thought I'd post some close ups of some of the more interesting figures to see if anyone recognizes them. Most of the figs appear to be Ral Partha or similar but these are the best quality and most interesting figs. I'll put them on the Lead Adventures Forum eventally but I thought I'd give you all 1st dibs.
Don't intend to sell them but it would be nice to know more about them

The rogue trader fig that started it all off

This is a very large Balrog or similar with bat wings and a flaming sword

Naked witch with apron and huge boobs

Space trooper

Classical good wizard with pointy hat and white beard - think skinny Santa

Classic evil wizard with bald head

This guy/dwarf/goblin/? has 3 arms - surely a chaos type

Female wizard, lots of leg and boobage

Classical female barbarian, barely dressed in impractical armour

Space trooper

Superhero type - this is actually quite a neat paint job if a little Blaxploitation

Another superhero type

2 x 15mm squat trikes - these are actually very nice figs

Finally a tracked robot with claw and shotgun?

I've spent an enjoyable few hours looking these fig up with little joy, apart from the Ral Partha stuff. Hope they make you feel all nostalgic and prick those memories.
Back to work tomorrow after a month off and I'm much more relaxed and prepared for the next term. I've learnt 2 main things; When I retire I will not be bored and I can't afford to retire yet (if ever)


  1. Martin, I think I have tried to post this before but was not successful. Do you still have the wizard figure with white beard and pointed hat. It was my D&D figure in the early 1980s but I lost it in a house move. I would very much like to own it again. Would you be interested in selling? I've been looking for it for ages. Thanks, David Carnegie

    1. yes, if you see this reply then get in touch and I'll send it to you

    2. Hi Martin. This is me (as above). I just drifted back to this page to look at my long-lost figure and I saw your reply. I cannot see any way to contact you other than putting my email address in a comment so here goes: I'm happy to pay whatever you think the figure is worth plus postage. It would be really great to have it again! Thanks, David