Monday 21 May 2018

Pontic Army - Part 2

My painting of my 15mm Pontic Army by Forged in Battle. They are a joy to paint but I think I've bought loads and loads, only 30% through them.

6 stands of Thurophoroi, 3 for Impetus etc. Mainly same uniform. Mithridates VI was very rich and could afford a well equipped force. Also like units with same uniform

Bases are 40x40 with 4 figs per base


Loving these figures

Galatians - mad, bad and dangerous to know. Wading through the bodies of their vanquished.

5 figs per base - these are definitely assault troops

Back to PUBG - years since I've played a decent computer game and this is great.

Sunday 20 May 2018

Crash at Seven Pines

Today I went over to Matt's dungeon for another massive ACW battle. This time we were recreating the battle of Seven Pines in 1862. The day started ignominiously as my foot slipped of the brake onto the accelerator as i was parking and I drove into the back of Matt's car - Mortified but no real damage.
On to the battle - it was another massive one with 20 infantry regiments aside plus cannon and cavalry. we were using Matt's reinvention of Bolt Action rules and they worked really well. Infantry run off as a result of casualties and return when rallied - very much in line with the ACW. Activation was by the dice bag and we had more units than dice meaning that you had to be a proper general and manage your forces. They are great rules.
Right are you sitting comfortably, this was a 7 hour battle

The 11ft by 5 ft battle field. I'm union on the right and have to defend the 7 Pines cross roads. I only have 2 brigades with another at the top. I am outnumbered by Matt's rebel scum. We both have 3 brigades as reinforcements and Matt has to capture the cross roads.

The cross roads, i have taken up defensive position behind the snake fencing

Entering from the North my brigade. if i can find room I can bring on 3 more regiments - I never found room

Crossroads facing 2 brigades (1 1/2) of seasoned troops with a couple of veteran regiments against my regulars

My left flank, couple of regiments and cannon. The rebels have advanced through my camp and I'm to hold the line and prevent a disaster

I advance a small cavalry unit as the Rebels advance on the right

THIS IS GOING TO BE BAD. Matt has brought everybody

"Gentlemen. Prepare to defend yourselves" 

There are more

Neat Rebel lines advance

Te view down the line was awesome, we kept stopping and staring

Just in time my 1st brigade of reinforcements arrives

Matt has brought forward his cavalry to counter mine but the lack of dice makes them mainly observers

The rebels close in the centre

We face each other off  on the right

Matt's cavalry get off some potshots of enfilading fire - double pins to a unit - nice rule

My 2nd reserve brigade arrive

Fire from my centre has caused chaos amongst Matt's rebels and as a result only a single regiment meets my line and destroys my cannon

Matt's 2nd reserve brigade arrive on the right

In a reckless move I advance 2 regiments up the road to face the enemy in march column, can't fire and crap at fighting

In the centre Matt's regiment has routed but he has re-ordered his lines

On the left I have a severely battered regiment holding the line as the reserves come up in the nick of time

On the right I have routed a regiment through the reserves inflicting a pin on all of them. I use the opportunity to advance - seems like a good idea

I bring up my cannon and Matt is pretty much buggered on the right as I pour it on

In the centre Matt has mad the fence. This is going to to tight

Worse yet my left has started to crumble

The 2 units in march column have deployed in line a and pouring enfilading fire in 2 directions, it is very effective in the centre and Matt's attack stalls

 The final positions

The right - all me. I have 1 routing unit but Matt has little left. I still have 3 regiments to bring on

The centre. Matt is still at the fence but only has 2 units not routing

The left. Matt has won here but won't get to the crossroads.

Brilliant battle and a minor victory for the Union. The rules work very well indeed and could be the best I've played. Quick (I know 7 hours but it was a vast battle) and with the proper feel for the period.

Saturday 5 May 2018

Mithridates VI

I know, you want to know what happened to parts I to V
Having bought a very large Pontic army in 15mm from Forged in Battle - lovely figs, over the last month I thought I'd start to paint them. I've never painted 15mm ancients before and these are a cross between Successor Greeks and Persians so they are going to be have to be pretty.
I have used a hybrid basing system. Most, well some, of the Old Guard play Impetus, only played twice and yet to be convinced, but some also play Hail Caesar and I'm a fan of Black Powder, so I needed to base them for both. That was a long and rambling sentence with suspect punctuation. So I've decided to base on 40x40 bases, 2 of which will combine for Impetus and individuals can be used for Hail Caesar, with skirmishers on 40x20. This gives an immediae problem for Impetus as skirmishers are 3 figs on an 80x20 base. That would give a stupid mix of bases with 2 and bases with 1. So 2 figs per 1/2 base it is.
I started with some Armenia skirmishers with slings and bows

2 or 4 bases of slingers

4 or 8 bases of archers

Overall I'm pretty chuffed with them, they are not as fab as I would like but they are, as always, better than the photography. I really can't be arsed with photography - which is weird as I have a blog to show my photos.
The varnish I use, Matt lacquer for cars from Halfords is slightly shiny but not too bad. 
Galatians next, 5 figures per base giving Impetus units of 10 figures. I have enough for 6 bases, this is going to be a very big army, at least twice the size of a Basic Impetus army.