Monday 11 October 2021

2nd Italian Wars Campaign - Seige of Florence

 Dear reader when we last left Italy Bologna had just defeated Florence in battle and had forced the Florentines back to Florence and were laying seige. The armies of Genoa were advancing to the Bolognese borders to the south albeit somewhat slowly and the Florentine allies, Venice, were advancing into Florentine territory to to come the aid of Florence.

So basically I had a camera meltdown and am mssing some pictures. The battle started with the Bologna besieging Florence. A smal portion of the Bolognese army was behind earthworks , mainly missle and cannon troops. The rest of the Bolognese army was drawn up behind facing the relieving Florentine army which was coming in on the flank. The beseiged forces also ventured out to join the fray. The Florentine armies have a large number of cannon but the Bolognese only 1. However the Bolognese army is bigger than the 2 Florentine armies combined. Can the Florentines bring enough forces to bear.

The battle field have Florence at one end and a village in the centre. The earthworks were between the village and Florence

A partially randomised deployment sees the Florentine infantry (top) attack the Bolognese beseigers in the flank while the other Florentine army emerges from the city

Florentine pike block clash with Bolognese halberders. There was only going to be one winner here but the halberders made the pikemen pay dearly. Meanwhile Florentine foot knights advance throught the village

Over on the left the Florentine cavaly are facing 3 Bolognese pike blocks. Can they keep them engaged long enough for the 2 florentine armies to combine

Knights and pikes clash

Knights die

Meanwhile the Florentine infanty continues, but slowly and painfully. Foot knights clash with bowmen and the fight is brutal witht he bowmen putting up brave resistence. The knights struggle but win eventually The pike block is staggered by a devastating volley from a troop of aquebusiers and wavers

On the left all Florentine resistence as ended and the Bolognese pike blocks and cavalry wheel right to engage the rest of the army

Foot knights and aquebusiers take up position int the village to hold them

As the rest of the Florentines arrive

But they are too late. The Florentine army is reduced to 2 very battered pike blocks, a single unit of knights and a unit of crossbowmen. They are out manned and out horsed and the city of Florence is no more.

Bolognese troops occupy the city. Only Venice, who are one turn away can restore Florence, ore will they just pick over the bones of the state