Wednesday 16 February 2022

12th Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge Update 2

 So I'm charging through the challenge, currently I've painted 2500 points worth of figures and am comfortably sitting 3rd in the total points. No messing about on to the painting

WW1 Arab Irregular Cavalry

White Russians

Some RCW Sailors

Sci Fi time. Section of troopers made from Stargrave mercenaries box with some additional cast bodies. Plan to play Sci Fi Bolt Action

Some Dr chappie

Another trooper section

Drone and RPG

Big Robot

Final Sci Fi trooper section

Some Brownstone buildings, for Gangster games

These have a special feature, they collapse for easy storage and I have a couple more to build, inc a factory

Next up the Sagas of Noggin the Nog. This was my favourite TV programme as a child and so Northumbrian Tin Soldier make them. They are expensive but very nostalgic. These are Noggin, Nooka (his wife) and Cnut (their son)

Old knig Cnut and Queen Gunhilde

The Ice Dragon, Ronf, Nogbad the Bad and Gracculus

Palace guards with Thor Noggson in the middle

Villagers. I have a plan for a family Christmas game

2nd Edition Warhammer Skinks for the Lizardman army

and some lizardmen. Painted the different lizardmen species in different colours and based them on actaual lizards (ish)

WW2 French Cavalry

Char 1 Bis

M6 Fargo with 37mm AT gun mounted

Australian Light Horse

Finally my Tribute to the dear departed Noel, challenger and poet. This is a lancer on a brindle cow, a line from his poem Fire Moths.

I've also done some gaming but will catch up on that later