Wednesday 29 May 2019

Eve of Invasion

So it's almost 75 years since D-Day and we are having a large game refighting Utah and the associated para drops. Brecourt Manor here we come. I'll be the paras and therefore won't need rescuing. In fact I think it will be me that ends up clearing the beaches from behind.
Dave and James are running the germans and there will be about 6 of us gaming. I've seen the test shots and it's going to be amazing.
My pre battle task was to finish my Germans, and here they are

All the infantry. A Fusilier company, scout platoon, couple of 7.5cm field guns and 8 MG42s. The field guns are actually the WW1 version - had some dodgy stuff from Battlefront lately

The MG42s, quite like the home made sandbags

The Armour - this was all painted previously and in reality only the pak40s will be needed 

Couple of 3.7cm flak. Bit annoyed with the barrel angle - crappy assembly instructions and horrible casts from Battlefront

Captured Russian field gun - pressie from James

PzII turret gun emplacement

And finally because I had them and they needed painting, but not for weekend

3 Tetrarch light tanks

Can't wait for the weekend - Dave has a plan for para drop scatter using paper chits and a hairdryer - i expect most of my force will end up in Belgium

Sunday 19 May 2019

Partizan 2019

So today me, James, Dave and Scotty drove down to Newark for Partizan, OK so Dave drove and I had a nap in the back seat. This was the 1st time I've been to a show and not been putting on a game. I love putting on a game but always have a nagging doubt that I'm missing out on the shopping bit. More of that later.
There were loads of cool looking games and the usual suspects trading. 1st up the games, as usual my photos lack information

Dave and Scotty shivering timbers

There were loads more games but running out of go on the phone.

So on to the shopping, have about 4 hours to shop and bought very little.

Old Glory Grand Scale 7YW Austrians. Enough Infantry for 5 musketeer regiments of 2 battalions, 3 regiments of dragoons, 2 regiments of grenzers and some officers. Got 15% off cos the guy couldn't add up. So about the same price as Pendraken. Sculpts are good but figures are a little big, bases are thicker and that is most of the difference. 

Rosa Luxembourg - show freebie

6 mounted samurai for £5

New Harry Sidebottom, bought from and signed the man himself - he's a regular and I do like his books.

And that was it. Shopping wasn't fab so think it will be back to putting on a game. Meanwhile it's back to painting Germans for the Utah beach game in a fortnight - only 2 platoons to go and some transfers