Saturday 16 July 2016

I've Done a Bad Bad Thing

I have been inspired lately by becoming a character in Blaxkleric's latest adventure, I won't give away the plot but I rocked big style. I have done quite a lot, more of that in a later post.
As you may well know I have a a wide range of wargaming interests but I don't do Sci Fi, modern or Napoleonics, never really got into them.
Today I went down to Tynemouth flea market and bought a massive bargain, 4 boxes of Napoleonic British figures by Victrix for £45 (less than 1/2 price).

Stop laughing.

3 of the are unopened

The last box had been opened and some of the figures made and removed so their were only 35 figures on the sprues

Which was disappointing but there was a bonus as this box also contained 1/2 of box of highlanders

Overall that is 3 cannon and 166 infantry. I think my winter challenge plan is now sorted.

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