Tuesday 31 May 2016

Yet more painting

I seem to be painting like a maniac at the moment.

The are the film and historical versions of Lt Bromhead by Trent Miniatures ( although they have a Copplestone feel). These are very nice figs and will finish off the 24th Foot as an officer and an NCO.

The African Campaign has seen the Germans fight and lose their 1st major battle against the Zulus. The all female army needed reinforcements so these are some more Askaris. These are Dixon's Dahomey "Amazon" headhunters. A really good collection.

What the Germans lacked was trusted scouts so they have employed a trio of famed hunters. These will provide much needed expertise and lead the Askari units. Pulp Miniatures from Dice Bag Lady.

Finally a socialist flag bearer for the Northumberland Miners Collective. The flag is an envelope and I'm undecided if to take off the visible while, it looks liketrim and gives the flag an outline.

Also made some hedges out of pan scourers but they are still drying. And so ends a hectic month (well last two weeks anyway). I'm quite ill at the moment due to my broken brain, hence the painting rush, but in 5 weeks I get a month off to recharge my batteries and come up for air.

Monday 30 May 2016

Deja vu all over again

I rephotographed my last submission as I wasn't happy. So it's not too boring I've added some extra figs.

Old Guard

James Fraiser - Undertaker. May make these militia or have them as a independent unit on the battle field drumming up trade. Treat as anti-Medics (reroll 1 passed save). These are Foundry Wild West Civilians with added holsters

Thanks to Michael Awdry these are now called the Lighthouse Union and I've added a couple of previous painted figs.

Added a red flag to the standard bearer. Didn't realise she was a flag waver before. I can't find my VBCW flag sheet so other one is not done yet.

Overall much better I think

Sunday 29 May 2016

VBCW Painting

As you may have noticed I'm no photographer, I use a phone as I don't own a camera. I have managed to produce adequate photos with some LED lights but it has been packed away so I used my paint table. Why the excuses? Well I've done some quite nice painting and some terrible photography.
The paint table has been awash with 1/2 painted figs since the end of the challenge and I've completed all the VBCW figs.

Lot of fences

The rise of the Anglican League in Northumberland means they need some troops. The Coldstream Guards are originally from Norhtumberland (to keep the Scots out). The retired Guard has come out of retirement and taken up the Anglican cause. 

"Old Guard" Section - Foundry Home Guard

11pdr artillery piece

Toffee apple mortar

The start of the Seahouses Fisherman's Union

To counter the Fascists the Workers of the Soviet Socialist Republic have arrived to support the Miners - Mixture of Warlord and Copplestone (bought from the charming Dice Bag Lady)

Random Militia - my militia fights when called for by whoever needs militia

Finally a Fascist huntsman, an Aviatrix and a German Field officer converted to a medic by simpling painting his armband. Basically in my world if you are carrying a bag not a weapon you are a medic.

I've also bought a copy of Bolt Action and it seems pretty good although I bet I end up just adding the best bits to my own rules.

Wednesday 25 May 2016

VBCW - the Northumberland Situation.

With the Anglican League winning the battle and the consequences of the use of German forces by Lord Percy the map of Northumberland has had to be redrawn.