Wednesday 30 November 2022

It's Alive


It's been a while. I've been out of action for a couple of months with a trapped nerve in my shoulder, 2 weeks of agony, 4 weeks of pain and now it's just sore. I'm still having problems sitting in office chairs for more than an hour. So no painting has been done, no games have been played and although I'm working from home, I'm bored.
This weekend was my longest journey in 2 months. I persuaded Tom to go to his 1st wargaming show and give me a lift. So we went down to Battleground at Stockton and spent a couple of hours meeting friends and doing a little shopping. I didn't buy much, my lead mountain has reached Himalayan proportions and is some what overwhelming. So it was flock, paints etc. I picked up a couple of 15mm ballistae for my 15mm Roman legion. But that was about it. Was great to meet up with everyone but I could only stop for a couple of hours as mu shoulder was starting to ache.
I have recently managed to do a little painting and some prep for the challenge that starts on the 20th.

I built this trench system years ago and have tarted it up to become part of a Vietnam firebase

Considering it was an early attempt at building from me i think it's come out OK

Plenty of room for infantry and artillery

As this was so big, I managed to repaint it standing up, which is easier.

I also ordered some palm trees from Amazon, one of those "loads of trees for not much money orders. I've based these up individually and given them a bit of dry brush

There are about 40 trees and will add to the Nam jungle or become a plantation

Overall a slow return but a return