Thursday 15 December 2022

Pre Challenge Warm Up

 The 13th Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge starts in 6 days and i've not painted anything for 3 months due to my shoulder injury. So I thought I'd have a practice, I was very rusty.

1st up 2 battalions of Royal Ecossais. These will form the superior troops in my imagiNation Scots 7YW army and 1 battalion can be added to French army if needed (there was only 1 in French army formed by exile Scots)

Unlike the rest of my Scots, these have European dress

I have bought a copy of 02hundred and as it takes place at night I thought I'd paint them in grey scale. These are the 2 simplest sentries (Wargames Foundry make nice sentry types)

The only colour is the helmet badge

Overall quite pleased, although the bases need more work

Also had a delivery of toys today, I really don't need anymore toys but Northstar were running a mystery box and mine had £82 worth of figs and paint for £45. There was only 1 pack I couldn't use, ironically 7YW Austrians. Otherwise loads of pulp, colonial and WW2 figs. Bargain