Tuesday 5 July 2016

Slaves and Bearers

Since the end of the Challenge I've dipped in and out of painting and finished quite a bit but I've started a lot more. My mojo has been somewhat ethereal. I, therefore, have quite a few unfinished figures which I am chipping away at. These are the 1st batch, African slaves and bearers. These will be used in the Africa campaign, which is on pause while I paint some more figs. Arab and African types are pro the slave trade and Europeans, in general, are anti. These will make great objectives.

Bearers, some ropey photography though


Slave trader with slave

The figures are Eureka, Trent and Dixon. The Trent ones are a little small, slave with bowl of fruit. Otherwise I still can't fix the shed door which as a broken hinge and 70 years of paint and rust holding it in place, off to buy paint stripper if it ever stops raining

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