Friday 8 July 2016

More Africans and Tales from my Holiday

Officially I'm on holiday, dreams of beaches, BBQs and power drinking. Instead I've spent 2 days rewriting a grant proposal and not being on holiday. I have done some DIY as well (damage it yourself) and best of all painted some more figs for the African Campaign. I now have a enough for the next scenario. These are all from the excellent Dahomey collection from Dixons and are really great.

First up are some female warriors, the elite of Dahomy warrior society.

Next we have some male warriors, I tried to make these as colourful as possible.

Finally their commander Admiral Joseph Limbani, who seems to have dressed in a hurry. He is the pompous leader of a band of slavers (Think African Mainwaring)

One of 3 things will happen now, I do more DIY, I watch the tennis or I get skullf...( I mean I have a pint or 4 )

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