Land and Freedom Rules


Land and Freedom -Spanish Civil War Rules

                              1 company = 5 men on single base, or 1MMG, or 1 AT gun or 1 tank

                              1 battalion = 4 companies, MMG company and company HQ

                              1 brigade = 4 battalions, AT company, and battalion HQ

                              Army = 2 brigades, army HQ, mortar company and tank companies


Each HQ unit has a number of priority points (decided at start of battle), to allocate to its units to determine when they move in the turn. Units with the highest priority move first and complete all their actions. Once that is done the turn clock winds down and the unit with the next highest priority moves. In the event of units on opposing sides having equal priority points then the side in charge of the turn clock moves 1st.

Battalion commanders have D3 priority points Can only be allocated to their battalion.

Tank and AT units can operate independently (with D3 priority points) or be assigned to a battalion or brigade at start of the battle.

Brigade commanders have D6 priority points to be applied to any battalion in their command.

Army commanders have D6 priority points and to be applied to any brigade or battalion.

Priority points applied to units over 25cm away must be delivered by messenger or radio.

Commanders can remove the disorder from a unit by spending a priority point in the next turn. This removal of disorder is automatic, but uses up priority points.

Units with no priority points allocated may not move, but can fire defensively.

If HQ bases are destroyed then they can give no priority points to their unit.

HQ bases that are disordered must remove the disorder before issuing any priority points


Once priority points have been awarded messengers are sent out from the Brigade or Army command to the recipient. There are 3 types of messenger

Radio – roll D6, if 1 then communication and points lost, otherwise priority points awarded immediately to receiving unit, who must also have a radio – obviously!

Motorcycle / Cavalry – move messenger towards recipient. If messenger arrives (within 5cm) then priority points awarded immediately. If messenger doesn’t arrive then priority points awarded in the turn when the messenger arrives.

There are a maximum of 5 radios, 5 motorcycles and 5 cavalry messengers per battle. Roll to award these. Nationalists always roll 1st and receive D4 of each type. Republicans then roll D4 and can take an allocation up to the maximum of 5.

Once messengers have moved then complete the awarding of priority points and start the turn.

Artillery spotters

Artillery spotters can replace a radio and can be used to direct mortars, planes and off map artillery, all are assumed to have radios. Spotters are independent units with D3 priority points. They can call in artillery or air strikes on targets in LoS on radio arriving during their turn. Allocate priority points to artillery strike(s). Spotters move at double foot rate or can mount a single vehicle.

Turn Clock

The turn clock is a single D20 set to 14.  At the start of each full game turn the generals roll a D6 and the highest has control of the turn clock. Generals may use priority points to add to their dice roll. After each phase the generals each roll a D6 and the general in charge of the turn clock deducts which of the 2 rolls to lower the turn clock. When the turn clock reaches 0 that is the end of the game turn. Any unmoved units remain unmoved.

Remove Disorder

A HQ base can allocate priority points to remove disorder on units they command. 1 priority point removes disorder. This occurs during normal play when units with 1 priority point are activated



Troop Type


Off Road










M/c Messenger



Cavalry Messenger



AT gun / mortar

In Truck only

In Truck only


Enter, attack and leave in same turn

Troops and artillery moved by truck can mount, move and dismount in same turn with no loss of truck movement, but they can’t undertake offensive or defensive fire. 1 truck per base.


Units can move and fire. Arc of fire is 360o except for entrenched units, only fire forwards (90o arc). Each base can only fire at 1 other base, except artillery and planes

HQ units can only fire defensively and engage in melee. They have no offensive fire capability. Individuals (on round bases) have no fire or melee capability and if engaged in melee surrender.


Short range (10cm)

Medium range (20cm)

Long range(40cm)

Rifle base




SMG on base




MMG base




AT Gun base




T26 – gun




Pz1 2xMG





1 target base,  1D6 per base hit – radio. fire hits base on 5 or 6

Off map artillery

1 target base    2D6 per base hit – radio fire hits base on 5 or 6

Fighter strafing

1 base target, 2D6  hit – radio fire hits base on 5 or 6


1 target base, 2D6 hits - radio fire hits base on 5 or 6

Shooting Factors

Target in cover -1 to hit D6. Not applied if firer is AT or artillery or aircraft, Firer disordered -1D6

AT gun firing at tank in flank or rear +1D6, soft skinned vehicle +1D6 for all firers

Defensive fire

A unit that has not moved or fired can fire out of turn at any enemy unit that enters its field of fire. That is the move for the firing unit. Targets that become disordered must stop immediately


A roll of 5 or 6 on a D6 is a hit, 1 hit causes disorder, 2 hits destroys the unit


Melee is base to base fighting. There are only 3 instances where melee can occur

1. Fighting in built up areas, 2. Assaulting trenches, 3. assaulting tanks with infantry.

The attackers must pass a bravery test to assault a target. Roll 5 or 6 on D6, 5, 6 to assault. -1 if disordered, +1 if HQ unit is joining the assault. Roll once only for all units assaulting

Defenders can defensive fire if able, firing at short range, each base can only fire at 1 attacking base

If base disordered by defensive fire it retreats to starting position.

Attackers roll D6 +1 per ordered base in contact with the enemy or friendly that is in base to base contact with enemy. Defenders roll D6 +2, +1 if in cover, -1 if disordered

Highest score is victor, losers captured and attackers occupy their position


Units that are reduced by more than 50% (excluding HQ) are combat ineffective and removed.


  1. Hi, This is in the wrong place but you weren't accepting posts on the page with your homemade hex maps. Didn't see any hyperlinks referring to earlier posts on the subject. I'm a 100% solo gamer and this looks like it would be a great tool for me as well. I was wondering whether you have any words of wisdom on sources for the hexes, thinks you found useful (or not useful) in doing the terrain, etc. Thanks!

  2. Terrement, don't know why the pages weren't accepting your comments. I've added links to my solo Italian Wars Campaign post (italian wars campaign). The 1st post explains the rules for solo campaigning. For diplomacy I just rolled a dice for starting diplomacy, hatred enemy , distrust ,neutral, friendly and ally. I used 2 levels for each state (so 8 levels) and moved it up and down by 1
    each turn based on dice roll and other factors.The hexes are 40mm from Warbases and I set them up in a large cheap picture frame. hills and mountaind and river banks done with filler and then used flock and clump foliage. The buildings are from brigade models small scale scenery range, I can do ancient Rome, Italian Wars, 7YW, ACW and Vietnam using the same hexes and adding different building hexes and railways.