Friday 14 October 2022

Things to Buy when you can't go to Partizan

 So this weekend was The Other Partizan and Dave and I we due represent the Old Guard to put on a large Vietnam table with all our collections out and loads of action. We had been frantically finishing off bits. A review of the show layout put us near to the front door and quite close to another Old Guard club. I didn't know there was another Old Guard and they have been running for 40 years. A breif geography and history explanation later and we have done the honourable thing and changed the club name to the North Riding Wargames Club. I'm not from Yorkshire, thankfully for all concerned, and don't really understand what a Riding is or was.

So we are ready to go and I trap a nerve in my shoulder a couple of days before. If you have done it yourself, you have my understanding, if you haven't well it hurts like a Melon Farmer. I have effectively been bedridden for over a week now. I can walk about but after 10 minutes it hurts and I can't sit down. So no going to Partizan for me. I was gutted.

Ian from the NRWC stepped in to take my hotel room and Dave and he went down with 1/2 the collection. Dave kept sending me photos of the night before and I was both annoyed and pleased.

Speaking Dave with week he said he was amazingly busy and didn't have time to go shopping. Everyone loved the game. his report is here  and the "official" video is here (we are at 21 mins in).

So what do you do when you are stuck at home with loads of unspent money. I went online shopping for all the things I wanted to buy there

So this is the stash. Starting at top middle and working clockwise we have

1. 02hundred rules. There is a loophole in the purchasing of these. You can buy the rules as a pdf but can't get the cards or markers. This is an error. I wrote to Grey for Game and they gave me a discount of the cost of the pdf from the hard copy.
2.  3 figures from MrLees. Kyle has closed down the store so I picked up a couple of figs from the sale and 1 i'd wanted to buy since they opened. Time for some posh painting
3. Atrizan design commandos for 02 hundred
4. Tiger miniatures WW1 Turkish Cavalry. Cos my Turkish army isn't big enough - well it is but you know.
5. Foundry German Sentries for 02hundred.
6.Warbases buildings and bases for 02hundred. Plus their cool pre-printed ponds

Dave also dropped off my small ColBill order that he picked up from Partizan. WW1 Turkish Officers, Australian Light Horse officer, couple of boars and some African warriors. All to complete some armies.

Hope you are all well and see you at Battleground next month