Saturday 13 March 2021

Building a 3-D Map

 I hurtle through the last days of the challenge and I'm now on my 10mm Italian Wars collection. The plan is toplay it as a campaign with sides recruiting mercenaries to fight battles. I will have 7 core armies, 3 Italian States Genoa, Venice and the Papal States) with 4 invading armies (Swiss, French, Holy Roman Empire and Spanish) with the potential for Ottomans.

Knights - 2 bases = regiment in Kings of War

Landsknecht Sweihander regiment

Landshecht Pike block

All is going well, I have many more to paint, but it needed that vital spark and then it appeared. One of the challenge participants has made a hex map using 3-D tiles. It looks brilliant so I bought the stuff I needed and made a start

So far I've done 32 of the 120 tiles

Farmland, fields, orchards and vineyards

River section with bridge (Brigade models)

Small town

Mountains with a pass

woodland areas

Each city state will randomly explore and occupy tiles until all have been selected and then war will ensure with the external forces arriving in response to certain triggers.

I'm really pleased with how it looks and it should really bring the campaign to life.