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Sunday, 25 July 2021

Battle of Leuthen 5th December 1757

 Yesterday I travelled over to Matt's to play our 1st 7 Years War battle. We both have significant Austrian and Prussian forces, and this would be our 1st major battle. We would also be using Honours of War rules, my 1st time and Matt's biggest battle wth them.

As usual we went big and Matt had planned out the Battle of Leuthen in winter 1757. Weather was nice so we played in his garden "pavillion" on a 12 ft by 6ft table. However the sunshine made photography shady

The whole battle field, told you it was big and in the shade. Prussians on right (sunny side) and Austrians to the left (in the shade)

The Austrians hold a very strong position on a long ridge. They knew the Prussians were opposite but their position is strong and why would the Prussians attack in winter. THe Austrians has so many men that we had to use markers for 2.5 brigades until sufficient Austrians had died that the figures could be recycled. Shouldn't take long for that to happen

Austrian centre, very powerful. THe Austrians were confident and had sent their grenadiers back to the regiments and left most of their artillery elsewhere!

THe Austrian flank around the village of Sagschutz is held by inferior Bavarian and Wutternburg troops. Frederick, in a masterstroke (you can imagine him telling his audience this) has moved his army round to the flank and was about the launch an smash into the Austrians. THe Prussians had more guns, better troops and during activation generally got the 1st go. Each brigade is activated in turn and on a 6 get a double move. For the Austrians this double move also applied but on the roll of 1 the brigade remained stationary.

THe Austrians rush to change direction and face the Prussians around the village of Leuthen

Austrian heavy cavalry advance over the hill

Prussian heavy cavalry advance towards Sagschutz

Prussian infantry and cavalry advance on Sagschutz.

4 cavalry brigades face each other in the centre while light brigades skirmish

THe Prussians kick the Austrians out of Sagschutz

THe cavalry clash.

And then there were no photos.
So the cavalry have clashed in the middle and it was pretty much a draw with the Prussian heavy cavalry brigade getting a mauling.  Both sides attacked again but one of the Austrian brigades failed to activate and their counter charge went in unsupported. The result 2 broken brigades, 1 each, but the remaining Austrian brigade in a very bad way. THis would have been OK but the supporting infanry also failed to activate.
In the next turn the remaining Austrian cavalry brigade failed to activate and sniping from the nearby village routed a regiment and the brigade folded. The Austrian advance had been halted.
Back over at Sagschultz the Bavarian and Wuttenburgers had fled and the Austrians launched a cavalry charge, supported by infantry against the advancing Prussians but both brigades were lost. The Prussians held the village but there were still 2 lines of Austrians facing them so they would get no further.
More Prussians had flanked the village and advanced directly on Leuthen and the Austrians unleashed hell on hte front Prussian brigade. Now in HoW 3 wounds makes regiment less effective, 4 makes them retreat out of range and 5 routs the unit. More than 50% loss of a brigade routs the brigade. The Austrians routed 1 regiment and forced the other 4 to retreat, the brigade held. Unbelievable!
At that point the day ended and we totalled up the roster. THe Austrians had lost 6 brigades to the Prussians 1. Whilst the Prussians had to take the villages on hte ridge and got nowhere near as the Austrians still had almost as many troops left at he end as the Prussians had at the start, but the butcher's bill made it an obvious Prussian victory.
It was a great game and I really like the rules, as always with rules we got a couple of things wrong but nothing important I don't think. Where did I lose? Detail in the brigade actions was my downfall, especially in the counter charge. Need to pay more attention here.The failed activations didn't help, but that is war and didn't impact the final result, just the size of the loss.
There are a couple of things that I didn't like. Cavalry don't charge infantry to the front very successfully and I would remove the charge bonus here. In 7YW the cavalry fought the cavalry and then the victors flanked the infantry. The other point is that Austrian Hussars were really great (they are Hungarians after all) but the rules made them inferior troops. I would have made them normal ability (they are light cavalry after all). This was not important in hte battle but did bug me.
Overall great. 
P.S. I had played the 7YW battle the day before on my way back from holiday against Dave but eff'd up my deployment and got killed, so we shall gloss over that. 

Monday, 10 May 2021

Mad Painting Week

 I've had a busy teaching week and the weather has be weird. Bright sunshine punctuated by very heavy hail showers and far too cold for May. So I unpacked my painting head and knuckled down

My WW1 Dunsterforce is nearing assembly. These are the last of the Turkish Infantry. Gripping Beast via Colonel Bill.

Then some Anzacs, not really relevant to Battle of Baku, but useful for greater Mesopotamia battles

Next up more figures for the Italian Wars. I noticed that during the last seige the defenders had 2 regiments of mounted knights. These not a great amount of use, so I picked up some dismounted knights from Pendraken. These are 2 troops

THe rest I made into a regiment of foot knights.

Now for Swiss Halberders, 2 regiments and useful standard infantry types for messing up, or protecting, the flanks of pike blocks

And finally all 10mm Italian wars army needs a steam punk adventurer with 2 tame komodo dragons, from Gringos40

All in all a very productive week.

Tuesday, 4 May 2021

Rebuilding and Instantly Mining the Lead Mountain

 By the end of the Challenge I'd levelled my lead mountain. So I've been shopping and bought stuff to start to stock it up.

Obviously I immediately started to paint them

1st up another map. This one is for Vietnam, although most of it could double for North America and Europe. There are 5 Vietnamese villages, 2 fire bases , a US HQ, tarmac'd road and some girder bridges. I really love making these maps and have get another 200 hex bases to make more of everything and desert version

As it's a map it needed counters. These are from Magister and there are 6 Hueys, 8 Skyhawks, couple of boats, M113, couple of downed helos and bases for USMC, US LRRP, NVA, VC and civilians

I've been looking to complete my Turkish WW1 force and these 30 Kurdish irregulars will almost do it. The rest are on order. These are actually Northstar SCW Morrocans but the differences are minor. 

I've given each section different coloured flowers for ID

I can now field a massive Turkish army for WW1 and RCW. I know you say "complete - Ha" but it's now almost too big for a bolt action battle and the drawer is full

Finally I had a delivery from Pendraken and it included this windmill which arrived pre-painted. it's a lovely model but big for 10mm, esp as I've been using 6mm buildings. Th.e figures with it are 15mm

Right I got some more 10mm Italian Wars figures to paint to complete that collection, that drawer is overly full, God knows what I'll paint for the next challenge. I'm overly concerned it may be something ridiculous, OK more ridiculous

Sunday, 25 April 2021

The End of the 1st Italian War?

 As you left us last time Milan had stormed Bologna but the Milanese army was trapped in the city by the Bolognese relief army that arrived just too late.

Meanwhile the Genoese had advanced to the outskirts of Milan and faced a much smaller Milanese army. If Milan lose to Genoa their armies will be trapped in 2 cities and doomed to lose the war. But if they can beat Genoa decisively then they can relieve the trapped army in Bologna and win the war. They need to be quick the Pope is from Bologna and war with his home city will get Milan excommunicated.

All is set for a decisive battle.

The Milanese are on the left, blue command stands, and the Genoese on the right with green command stands

2 regiments on knights on the Milanese right

2 pike blocks form the Milanese centre

The Milanese left is missile troops and a unit of knights

The Genoese left, 2 regiments of knights and regiment of stradiots

THe Genoese centre only has 1 pike block with 2 units of heavy infantry and 4 cannon

The Genoese right, missile troops and knights

THe Genoese left advances

On the Genoese right both armies advance

The opening salvos do little damage

THe overly confident stradiots charge the Milanese crossbowmen in woods but fail to rout them

One of the Milanese knight regiments skirts the woods and smashes into the flank of the stradiots. They are doomed

The regiments of knights face upto each other

The Milanese victory is decisive

and they sweep the Genoese right flank from the field

The same happens on the Genoese left.

As the Genoese centre advances there are 2 regiments of undamaged Milanese knights on the flanks threatening the whole army

They strike on the left 

and the right

The Genoese have been enveloped and worse is to come. The infantry clash and once again Milan is victorious. It is a crushing victory by Milan who were outnumbered 3-2.

It is time to take the spoils of war. Milan sues for peace to prevent being excommunicated. Genoa loses 3 terrain tiles to Milan, not very valuable but securing the Milanese flank. They get peace with Milan and Venice. The city of Bologna is returned back to the Bolognese but they lose 4 terrain tiles. Milan has increased its size by 25%. Bologna still exists but can no longer field a army strong enough to take on anyone. They will have to seek protection from stronger allies in future campaigns

The closing map.
THis is the end of the 1st Italian War and I've really enjoyed it. Most things worked very well and only some minor tweaks are needed, such as making it easier slightly easier to change diplomatic status, and the ability to dismount cavalry in besieged cities to give a better mix of defenders, and make cannon slightly easier to fire - they were very weak. I plan to use random events more so in future wars and have ordered peasant troops for revolts etc.

Wednesday, 21 April 2021

Italian Wars The Battle of Bologna

 This will be the 1st of 2 posts on the pivotal turn of my 1st Italian Wars campaign. When you left us last time Milan was besieging Bologna whilst trying to keep Genoa away from Milan. To be successful Milan must storm Bologna this turn and fight Genoa, so they must split their available mercenary pool.

THe 1st battle is the attempted storming of Bologna. Bologna is defended by its home army of a pike block, 2 aquebusier troops, 2 regiments of knights and a cannon. Milan needed cannons to blow the walls down. Mercenary selection is randomised by troop class - Cavalry, infantry and missle troops. Cannon are readily available so they started with missile troops and 1 troop of crosbowmen, 2 troops of aquebusiers and an organ gun later they finally got a cannon, giving them 2. But now over 1/2 the army was missile troops, not great for storming a town.

The walls of Bologna. The aim is for cannon fire to bring down the walls and charge through

As a diversionary attack there are 2 units of forlorn hope with ladders

The cannon open up and start to damage the walls (walls can take 30 hits and have a defense value of 8). However Bologna has a cannon on the walls and wipes out the Milanese cannon with the walls intact. Milan will have to use the ladders

The forlorn hopes advance and aquebusiers open up on them

They are whittled down but the Milanese have loads of missile troops and sweep the walls clear of defenders

A forlorn hope races across the ramparts to open the gates

Defending aquebusiers open fire

But the Forlorn hope opens the gates

A unit a halberders charges through but is annihilated. Then I forgot to take photos but the forlorn hope in the gatehouse attack and dent the defending pike block. A forlorn hope charges through the gate and inflicts more damage 

Then the Milanese pike block smashes home and the defenders are routed.
All is lost. The Milanese flood the ramparts with missile troops and the Bolognese have no response. 

Milan have captured Bologna but are immediately beseiged by the remaining Bolognese army. Milan needs to win a decisive victory against Genoa. It they do they will win the war. If they lose to Genoa they are doomed. 

Stay tuned