Friday 22 May 2020


God I'm bored. I have a huge amount of marking to do, about 2 weeks worth, so weekend break is off as it's already late.
Still enough of 1st world problems, at least I've done some painting and some terrible photography

A unit a Parthian Camelphracts. I really love camelphracts but I bet they were rubbish, camels are stubborn and very tall. They are very fast and do scare horses though, they smell bad. 

The figures are Xyston and lovely to paint

 The 7YW project continues with the Prussians.

Hulsen Infantry regiment

10mm from Pendraken. I've also painted some cannon but no crew yet.

For a couple of nights this week James and I have played a WW2 game over Zoom with Dave being the Germans and the croupier. Great game, I was the para infantry and suffered 50% casualties, mainly from bloody nebelwerfers. It was a great game and can be found on Dave's blog.
I'm enjoying online gaming, takes a while to get your act together but the experience is great.

Stay safe

Saturday 16 May 2020

More Painting and a 7YW clash on Zoom

Work is definitely getting the the way of me working from home. Too many meetings on Zoom so to compensate I have been playing games on Zoom. Matt and I tried out the 7YW armies using Black Powder as a play test and it worked well.

Tips for online gaming number 1. Keep it simple and aim for 2 hours max. This is a meeting engagement with an infantry brigade, a cavalry brigade and a big gun each. Tip 3. Get a stand for your phone/tablet. Mine is the mount for the jawbone of a Mosasaur. If you don't have one then you will get arm ache.

THe cavalry fought themselves to exhaustion as did the infantry. Tip 3. Don't try and take photos whilst hosting and moving the figs etc. These were botht he photos I took
Online gaming is a blast though and if you haven't tried it I stongly recommend it. Zoom works well .

I have also done some painting

15mm Galation armoured cavaly from Forged in Battle (who are now open and shipping)

More randomly a 28mm gorilla busting through the jungle (OK moss) from Bad Squiddo, it's a silverback but forgot to take a photo of the back.

Finally my 1st Prussian 7YW regiment (Blanckensee). give me a couple of months and I'll have most of the army

The flags are moulded onto the figures so I have to hand paint them, no more cutting out paper flags.

Stay safe