Thursday 30 June 2016

More Post Office Troops

Recieved a delivery yesterday from Ebor miniatures. I've been visiting their site for a couple of years but never bought anything. However my recent VBCW spurt pushed me over the edge. These are WW1 Belgians and will fit nicely with my Post Office workers in overcoats. The figs are very nice indeed.

2 Hotchkiss machine guns pulled by dog teams. I love the irony of Post men having dog teams. Little disappointed that the guns can't be set up in firing position but will investigate modifying or just buying the matching firing set.

Next up an infantry squad, Couple of broken bayonets but otherwise lovely.

I have the next 4 weeks off on holiday, really need a holiday. No major plans, except visiting friends and doing so DIY. Hopefully weather will be nice and I can spend time at the beach. Oh and chance to do some gaming and painting.

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