Sunday 28 October 2018

More Random Stuff

Painting is occasionally randomly. Since I finished the Pontic army I've struggled to find something to paint. I have bought a load of 15mm figs from ebay - always risky but these are fine. 120 hoplites, 2 elephants, couple of artillery pieces (catapult and ballista) and some odds and sods. Top of this list is 50 mongol cavalry, always wanted a mongol army and this is a good start. Bascially I paid full price forthe mongols and everything else was free.
I've painted some of the odds and sods to add to the pontic army

Couple of bases of Galatians / Gauls

Unit of Persian archers

I've been slowly increasing the size of my Sci Fi collection. 

Pick up the APC from a bargain bin at the Border Reiver show, was a tenner and is resin. I added the gun, spare from a steam tank. Looks pretty good

 Couple of months ago Warlord were running a sprue sale and I picked up some Gates of Antares sprues, and some moderns, for £1 each. These will match up nicely with my Hasslefree figs to give me a sinister regular inf squad.

A robot thingy, don't have a significant sci fi gaming knowledge

from behind!

Infantry, black with electric blue visors

These are a doddle to paint and look good with a foundry charcoal black dry brush.

I've been reviewing my lead mountain and it's pretty small, relatively speaking. If i never by another figure then i've enough for 2 painting challenges. But then again I need a 15mm Marian Roman army to fight Mithradites (Christmas present I think), and I have a Norman army to finish painting.