Monday 10 May 2021

Mad Painting Week

 I've had a busy teaching week and the weather has be weird. Bright sunshine punctuated by very heavy hail showers and far too cold for May. So I unpacked my painting head and knuckled down

My WW1 Dunsterforce is nearing assembly. These are the last of the Turkish Infantry. Gripping Beast via Colonel Bill.

Then some Anzacs, not really relevant to Battle of Baku, but useful for greater Mesopotamia battles

Next up more figures for the Italian Wars. I noticed that during the last seige the defenders had 2 regiments of mounted knights. These not a great amount of use, so I picked up some dismounted knights from Pendraken. These are 2 troops

THe rest I made into a regiment of foot knights.

Now for Swiss Halberders, 2 regiments and useful standard infantry types for messing up, or protecting, the flanks of pike blocks

And finally all 10mm Italian wars army needs a steam punk adventurer with 2 tame komodo dragons, from Gringos40

All in all a very productive week.

Tuesday 4 May 2021

Rebuilding and Instantly Mining the Lead Mountain

 By the end of the Challenge I'd levelled my lead mountain. So I've been shopping and bought stuff to start to stock it up.

Obviously I immediately started to paint them

1st up another map. This one is for Vietnam, although most of it could double for North America and Europe. There are 5 Vietnamese villages, 2 fire bases , a US HQ, tarmac'd road and some girder bridges. I really love making these maps and have get another 200 hex bases to make more of everything and desert version

As it's a map it needed counters. These are from Magister and there are 6 Hueys, 8 Skyhawks, couple of boats, M113, couple of downed helos and bases for USMC, US LRRP, NVA, VC and civilians

I've been looking to complete my Turkish WW1 force and these 30 Kurdish irregulars will almost do it. The rest are on order. These are actually Northstar SCW Morrocans but the differences are minor. 

I've given each section different coloured flowers for ID

I can now field a massive Turkish army for WW1 and RCW. I know you say "complete - Ha" but it's now almost too big for a bolt action battle and the drawer is full

Finally I had a delivery from Pendraken and it included this windmill which arrived pre-painted. it's a lovely model but big for 10mm, esp as I've been using 6mm buildings. Th.e figures with it are 15mm

Right I got some more 10mm Italian Wars figures to paint to complete that collection, that drawer is overly full, God knows what I'll paint for the next challenge. I'm overly concerned it may be something ridiculous, OK more ridiculous