Monday 30 November 2015

When is enough actually enough

I've been pondering my collection as I'm running out of space, and after the challenge this year  a very small lead hillock. I have about 40 full or nearly full file boxes of figures with space for about 4 more (approx 4000 figs overall - not vast but not small either). I have decided to limit myself in the future (stop sniggering at the back). I will fill the remaining spaces in boxes to complete collections and then decide if I expand one period to give huge battles or start a new one to complete a hole in the chronology, or ignore all my previous thoughts and just carry on regardless. My expansion thoughts are towards ancients, I have 4 armies none of which are big enough to fight epic battles.
At Battleground I moved to complete the colonial collection and I've nearly completed my VBCW collection, which I dropped this evening. I have enough space for one more squad not including 3 unfinished mortar crews and these postal workers that I bought on the recommendation of Matt Crump from Ironclad Miniatures. The eyes came out funny.

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