Saturday 21 September 2019

Austrian Hussars and an Armoured Car

I think this will be the trend for the next few months. I have loads of 10mm Austrians to paint and other random stuff to paint as the mood takes me. So as I sit and watch the Rugby World Cup I will paint and type

So the Austrians 1st. Hussars are mad, the uniforms can be almost dayglo and very pretty in a psychedelic way, think Donovan on a horse

The Austrian Army I'm building is the one from the Battle of Lobositz, 1st big battle of the 7 years war and there were 2 Hussar regiments in the vanguard. Hadik Hussars on left and Banayaya Hussars on the right

Banayaya Hussars - Lime green, red and light blue. FFS just get the LSD off them, I have a battle to fight and I need them to hide in a paint factory

Hadik Hussars, much more natty in blue and red

To calm down I'm building a and early French WW2 army in 28mm. already have a couple of FT17 tanks and to complete the armour this is a Warlord Panhard AC. Nice model and I even put decals on it

Right laundry, prepping for Monday's start of term and rugby to watch. Gonna be a steady weekend


  1. Hey man, that's some really cool paintin' man.

  2. Nice work Martin, will you eventually collect both sides in 10mm for a club game?

    1. Yip, austrians done by Christmas and Matt is also doing Prussians, and Austrians. Will do the Prussians post Christmas. Think it will be Black powder rules

  3. Excellent, will look forward to a game.

  4. Sounds like you have had the perfect weekend, loving that armoured car.

  5. Good work... I keep being distracted but will get some more Austrians prepped. Early French force a great option, and another force we can pit against my Germans. You can go as large as you want 😀

    1. cheers, plodding on with them, like the fact it takes a evening to do a regiment. Picked up a bargain Senegalese platoon so went for the full army. need some paint though

  6. Replies
    1. Cheers. I feel the need to paint ww2 french . But lacking the right colour. I hate mixing paint

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