Saturday 21 November 2015

Stripper Transport

Curt Campbell has unveiled the 6th Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge , The most important announcement of the blogging year. 

I got started with all this blogging mularchy because I entered last year, came 5th with 2648 points and won the people's award for flying carpet wars. Plus I started this blog.
I've set myself a challenging target of 2k points as I have 3 armies to paint, Republican Roman, Carthaginian and Zulu. I have also set up a side bet with Michael Awdry to paint the most Zulus. actually we both have to paint all our Zulus to win the Cetshwayo Challenge to recieve a painted Zulu InDuna from the loser. The problem is that he has 32 and I have 170, Never been the hare before.
I purchased this figure to use in one of the bonus rounds but none are suitable so I painted it today. It's from Hasslefree and is a brilliant sculpt of a female figure riding and undead, disemboweled stone troll. The troll is name Bob, cos that's the sound his head makes when it hits a wall. The rider is nearly naked, it's a Hasslefree figure, and looks a bit like a stripper.

I also watched the Netflix series Jessica Jones, the Marvel PI thing. It's great and David Tennant plays the bad guy with great vigour. Basically I've constructively done nothing for 24 hours and feel mightily refreshed

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