Friday 6 November 2015

Impressions of Zulus

This is my 4 post in 4 days, it's amazing how productive being ill is. Actually much better now but not up to going the pub so watched the footy and painted some Zulus.
I bought these from ebay a couple of years ago, a couple of hundred figs for about £40. However they were rubbish with a few Foundry figs and a lot of Warrior figs and  some amorphous lumps that were masquerading as figures. I have been reluctant to paint them because of the poor quality but inspired by yesterdays long grass post I formulated a plan.
I would base them on a single base of 12 figures with the good figs at the front and the poorer quality ones at the back. Then add lots of long grass to obscure the figs.

The painting was very simple and I did these 12 in a couple of hours. Couple of bases will make an impi.

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