Wednesday 19 August 2015

To the north of Kathmandu

There's a one eyed yellow idol to the north of Kathmandu. Well if there is then the last unpainted British figures in my colonial collection will find it. My colonial collection is very much Rudyard Kipling, Edgar Rice Burroughs and Rider Haggard in flavour so the uniforms are fairly generic. These are from a Northstar lucky bag and will pass for action in Africa or the NW frontier.

Of course they will need supplies and barricades to defend so i have painted my Ainsty Castings supplies and barricades - these were a joy to paint and I think  the resin comes pre-washed,either that or I better at the dishes than history would indicate.

I've also improved my photography space, still a little dark but much much better than recent efforts.
This song is not very appropriate but I do love it.

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