Monday 3 August 2015

Mr Mojo Risin

I got my eye back over the last week, all I needed to do was swap periods. Too many earth colours in VBCW.
I picked up this Macedonian phalanx at couple of years ago at the Border Reiver Show and they are Foundry, 2nd hand and a collosal bargain, and Warlord plastics.
These are the 1st of 2 phalanxes and I had some colour pallette issues - research made them much poncier that I expected.

I now have a desk full of figs now to paint and have got my recent box set viewing on Netflix is sated - Fringe done (pretty good), Continuum (annoying) and Marco Polo (OK but like all shows like this lots of corny. terrible sex (unless you have a thing for Chinese lesbian concubines - and who doesn't)
This seems appropriate The Doors 

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