Thursday 27 August 2015

Heart of Stone, Will of Iron, Knob of Butter

After many seconds of deliberation I succumbed to buying a copy of Frostgrave, because I don't have enough genres to play and I really hate magic. Copy is on its way (<£9.50 inc postage).
So a root through my collection gives me a lot of figures I can use  - Vikings, peasants, knights, etc. but I do lack thieves and magicians - see above. My ancient, dusty box of original figures from the 1980s did reveal a couple of badly painted figures I could re-paint and use, a witch and a thief. The witch is a Citadel slotta base figure with a cat and a dead frog - she will definitely have a peasant following.

Second up is a gentleman thief, from an unknown manufacturer. He looks a little like Errol Flynn. Not sure about the chain mail and may paint it black.

Luckily it's the Border Reiver  show on the 5th so I can go shopping for wizards and stuff. Oddly many of my figures that I could use are more used to hot climates - Africans, Arabs etc. and I can already see myself playing a Junglegrave spin off

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