Sunday 9 August 2015

To Bombay a Travelling Circus Came

I went to Wilko a few weeks ago and purchased some plastic elephants, £1 each I think. A little large, 12 feet to shoulder makes them big but not impossible African elephants - they are supposed to be scary. Bit of a clean up, made a howdah from card and blankets from milliput. The chains are scrap cheap necklaces. Basic grey paint job with some dry brushing with base sand (Foundry) and finally a Numidian  mahout from my bits box. Generally pretty chuffed. Left it uncrewed as they can be used for a number of races. Couple more to paint and will try some decoration on the elephants and more interesting bases.

I also finished my 2nd Macedonian phalanx. I actually started these before the previous ones I posted but had major colour palette issues and couldn't settle on a colour scheme, therefore they are a little shoddy.

This odd comic song was cool when I was at University, for that drunken last song, Nellie - I have weird and subversive tastes

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