Monday 2 January 2023

Review of the Year

 Other friends are posting reviews of the year so I thought I would do the same. Happy new year

So last year ended with a massive Vietnam game at the wargames club formerly known as the Old Guard. There is another club of that name so we are now the North Riding Wargames Club.

Great fun was had by all and both mine and Dave's collections have grown significantly and we plan to return to Scarborough to put on an epic 3 day Vietnam game. I'm getting ahead of myself. In July Dave and I were invited to put on a massive Sudan game by Ged at his huge games room in Scarborough. A great time was had by all and I made some new friends. The blog post is here.
Throughout the year Matt and I continued to play 7YW games, I really enjoy these and have pursuaded the 2 Ians from the club to start armies - French and Russian. I've also added an ImagiNation Scots army to the fray and plan a campaign soon against them.
I played many games against Matt and look forward to more this year.
I only completed 1 new project this year, 10mm Spanish civil war and managed to game at IanW's house, which was lovely. Would like to play more of these on a really big table and the rules I wrote are designed for spread out forces.

The autumn was wiped out with a shoulder injury that left me bed ans sofo ridden for 3 months. I'm fine now and want to do much more gaming. I have no new projects in mind at the moment, but my lead mountain is enormous and will finsih off many collections. The only really new stuff is sci fi, I've a copy of xeno's rampant which looks fun and enough forces to develop a Bolt Actiomn Sci fi game.
I'm off tot he York show in Feb and Hammerhead later in the year, Dave and I are putting on a gangster game.
See you over the table


  1. Best wishes in 2023!
    And many great games!

  2. Apart from your “sicknote” period a pretty good year was had

    1. Yes it was, more gaming to come, 3 days in January planned already

  3. Sorry to read you have been hors de combat for a few months, but good you say all back to normal now. I hope you get in a few SCW games as that's a conflict I am currently interested in too, although in my case, in 20mm. Happy New Year and good luck achieving some of your hobby goals in 2023!

    1. Thanks, playing SCW in a couple of weekends, using rapid fire rules. Have a good year

  4. Glad you are recovered Martin hopefully more gaming this year will send you some dates 👍