Wednesday 18 January 2023

ImagiNation 7 Years War Scots Army

 I have posted a couple of times already my work on a 10mm imagiNation Scots army for 7YW. I love imagiNation armies and would like to have more. I even prefer fighting imaginary comapigns using real armies, see my Italian Wars stuff. All the figures are Pendraken

The premise for the Scots army is that they never undertook the Darian adventure and so were not bankrupted. They also didn't accept William of Orange as the king and the Stuarts are the monarchs of Scotland. After the civil war the English were more interested in colonial expansion and there exists an uneasy peace between the Scots and English. The Auld Alliance still exists and the French are supporting the Scots. At the outbreak of the 7YW the Scots sided with the French and Austrians against the Prussians

I've finished the last units

This is the Lowland Brigade

4 battalions

The final highland horde regiment, large, fast moving, inferior unit with no firearms

They are the Chisholms

The whole army, about division strength

The Highland horde (5 regiment brigade), a highland brigade (4 battalions) to the rear and the light brigade (3 battalions of border reivers - actually Rogers Rangers but hey)

The other wing. A 3 battalion highland regiment at the rear, the Scots Hussars light cavalry, the 4 battalion Life Guards and the 4 battalion lowland brigade
 With 4 field guns it is a nice army. Now to get them on the field


  1. Something different and good to see you are getting some painting done 👍

    1. cheers, challenge has started so painting is progressing