Wednesday 18 January 2023

Spanish Civil War Action

 Last weekend I wandered down to Stig's for a game of Spanish Civil War using Rapid Fire rules. They are a nice set of simple rules that work well and are well written. It was Stigs 1st ever SCW game. I like SCW and the whole interwar period because I really hate super tanks, but fairly rubbish tanks are cool. In SCW the Nationalists maxed out with Panzer 1 and the Republicans with T26 tanks. 

The battle was a fairly simple one, I was an International Brigade with some AT and a couple of T26 tanks as support. I had to hold a town. As Republicans they were poorly trained and so had a -1 morale. Stig was the Nationalist Morrocan Falange, better trained and supported by AT, mortar and 5 Panzer 1. We both had 2 artillery barrages.

THe layout. I'm in the town with support on the hills to either side. Stig's Nationalists are advancing through the fields

Town guys, all classed as hard cover

Left flank, 4 sections, 1 MMG and command section

Stig's evil fascists, red flowers

General advance behind a smoke screen

3 Panzer 1s attack the right flank. The SCW is the home of the molotov cocktail. So we had a rule that all units had molotov cocktails and they classed as anti tank rifles with a 1 inch range. So to attack they would need to pass the hero test and then hit

1 unitpassed, chucked it's bombs and blew up a tank, they retreated and my flank was secure. That single action made the whole battle - great fun

The advance continues and casualties were high

We both reached our army break point. The Republicans did so first, with a poor morale but passed. I then spent 2 turns failing to cause the single hit i needed to make stig reach his break point. Many hits failed to cause damage. Eventually I caused the hit and Stig failed his break test and I won, but it was a close run thing.

It was a great battle and the rules worked perfectly. They will scale up well to bigger battles with multiple players


  1. Looks great and the right side won, unlike the real thing, unfortunately! I just played an SCW solo skirmish game in 20mm....these look a good bit smaller, 10mm??

    1. Thanks, yes to the right side winning. They are 10mm Pendraken figs. I like the period, nice to play