Saturday 18 June 2016

The Union Forever

Whilst putting away the Northumbrian Army I decided to rephotograph them all as individual units and they will appear at the end of the blog. First up the miners. These are a collection of various unions united to fight fascism and to be blunt posh patriarchal types who think they know better. The Miners Collective exists to the North of Newcastle

The full force

The Postal workers including 2 rockets. One of these is a very old Citadel Nippon rocket, the crews are Northstar Franco-Prussian War figs. I have just ordered a couple of units to expand this force.

2 mortar crews, mortars are home made out of a Biro

The miners a mix of Footsore and Perry plastic ACW figs with Perry 8th Army kit

Russian advisors - Copplestone and Warlord

The Fire brigade armed with flamethrowers obviously and an ATR

The Border Reivers - gun running and dodgy geezer types

The glorious Port Vale football team under manager Tom Morgan - Perry 8th army with webbing removed

General Militia- these will fight for whoever needs them, although they may decide to rise up and kick all the other sides out of their county

Miners armoured division, a Carden-Lloyd carrier

The miners aren't really equipped for the offensive but will be adept at raiding and defending their turf.
Next up the Northumbrian Army force of Lord Percy

The Hellfire Club of Lord Percy, the nobility and their retainers - at least 5 different manufacturers

German Naval assault squad - Tsuba miniatures
German Naval Squad

Crew of the Valkyrie - German Naval landing party

Lord Ridley's Estate - all my figs in bowler hats

Northumberland Constabulary

BUF - Footsore plus Perry Afrika Korps


Northumberland Rangers - Warlord Finnish, Afrika Korps and random German Winter troops

Armoured Division

Which leaves me the Anglican league to paint, I have a really smart idea for them and I've bought the relevant figs. Hopefully I'll paint most of them this weekend.
Forces need songs. Miners should be this , Can't think of a Northumbrian one at moment, Northumbrian folk music is mainly played on the pipes and is haunting not stirring

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