Saturday 11 June 2016

The Perils of ebay

I've had I quiet painting week, not really in the mood for detailed work so I have a lot of 1/2 painted figures at the moment. I have bought a lot of stuff recently though. I want to keep most of it secret at the moment as I don't really want to show it off until it's done. I did buy some Bolt Action dice as I want to give that a try. I have also ordered a custom dice bag from Matt Slade.
I did buy a Renault FT-17 tank from ebay. It was a bargain at £11 inc. p &p and it didn't have a picture so I was wary. It came within 3 days and it was a bag of crap. It was cast in resin and was mainly flash and moulding errors. The turret didn't fit and the gun looked like a metal log. Very dissappointing. I reminded me of the fossil hunter kits you get as a child where you have a block of plaster that has to be chipped away to reveal the fossil underneath. So I got out the Stanley knife, the Dremel, a hacksaw (yep a hacksaw) and the pin drill and chipped away and chipped away and drilled and sawed until it started to resemble the tank. I had to make the gun from some metal rods they were in the bits box. I had to fill in some gaps with Milliput to leave this.

Leave it for a day to harden then I'll give it a wash and try to paint the bugger.
As you may have seen before I sometimes cast some figure bodies to make my own figures using spare arms and heads from the bits box. I had also ordered some weapon sprues from Warlord and produced these figures. The mould was cast from a plastic zombie body and gave a good base.

Some militita, the heads are ACW zouaves with trilbies from the ACW hats and flat caps from Milliput. 

Regular infantry. I have left off the webbing at the moment and will either add it as card or paint it on.

Off to try and get my painting mojo back whist the footy is on

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