Sunday 4 October 2015

The best ideas are not copied but blatantly stolen

I stole this idea from Clint at Anything but a One. It is a good one. These are French WW2 Goumier troops by Artizan Designs that have been repainted as monks for VBCW. Instead of the fancy Berber stripes these are simply painted black to represent Benedictines (I think it's been a very long time since I paid any attention  to Religion), Clint's were Franciscians,

These will join up with my Anglican League section and be based on Lindisfarne where they will offer comfort to all in need and a bullet to everyone else. If you've never been I strongly recommend it, it reeks of history, but don't pay to go into the abbey as you can see all of it from the path the surrounds it. I have a great plan for an invasion of Lindisfarne by land and sea - watch this space but the field will be something line this with a separate road action on the causeway 

The Goumier packs I purchased contain 2 other figures, one dressing US GI uniform and one with a French infantry helmet. I use the latter to add to my fire brigade section. These are heavy infantry with an ATR and 2 flame throwers (obviously). He will make a fine officer for them.

Dodgy monks with guns can only be this - not all punk rock

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