Tuesday 29 September 2015

Act II, where Eric gets all the laughs

So after last week's debacle, and I don't mean the rugby, I sat down and wrote out version 2 of the ACW rules and have just completed a 2nd play test. The rules are posted here
Generally they work pretty well but I'm still undecided about the consequences of failed morale tests and I need more units. A single line doesn't cut it and was not how battles really worked. More ACW to paint. Also these rules need 20 figures per unit, or similar, and I painted these as 18s to go with a different rule set. Will probably add 1/2 a brigade each side as that will not overpower the table top.
Also formatting is a total pain in the helmet when converting from word.
No pictures,but there is a link.to how I spent my Christmas evenings as a child. Basically this is an unashamed attempt to get my monthly hits above 1000, 955 last month.

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