Tuesday 6 October 2015

I do love a Lucky Bag

One of the odd things about my addiction is my penchant for Northstar lucky bags. These are a bargain and are usually full of figures I can use. More importantly it's like getting a surprise present so double the excitement. I ordered one last week and it arrived today. I was a mega bag (I hate the word mega) of 40 figures for £28 + p&p, basically 1/2 price.This one was not the greatest but did contain the following

9 assorted german WW2 figs which will join my Northumbrian Rangers who are basically Finnish infantry figs

6 British WW2 infantry inc bren gunner and PIAT. Again VBCW although the PIAT is 1942. However the PIAT is sufficiently madcap to be VBCW

Couple of US paratroopers, convertable for VBCW

5 African figures, very useful as I have lots of these

2 Bengal infantry and a Brit drummer, nice.

Random 7YW highlander, good for my Last of Mohicans collection

7YW pikeman, have an army for him

Yakuza, use these to fight zombies and the suchlike

Couple of Frostgrave chaps and a "Numidian" trumpeter.

Finally the odds, figures I can't use as is. There were a lot of these in the pack, 9, but I can convert 3 easily and a head swap gives me a butler with a sword, or standard or rifle.
Overall pretty pleased

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