Tuesday 22 September 2015

A Sparrowhawk for a Priest

This fellow popped up in my garden today and explains the piles of feathers routinely found in the garden

I also did some frostgrave painting. First up a couple of magicians and a thief from Midlam Miniatures

Next up I had a Northstar lucky bag last week, basically 20 figs for £16 inc postage. These mainly contain figures I can use and I love the excitement of the random selection. This pack included 2 archers and a couple of spearmen. Added a couple of shields and we have spell fodder

Finally a completely unknown figure. He is wearing a suit, has some form of fur hat, moccasins or slippers, a telescope and a musket. No idea what he could be, possibly Turkish or Robinson Crusoe on his way to a dinner paty. Like him though and he will make a fine mountain man


Can't find him in the Northstar catalogue so any thoughts welcome.
Time to get your CSI hats on

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