Sunday 16 July 2017

War and Pigs - Volume 1

It's been a big weekend, massive game with Matt yesterday, his report can be found here. I shall post mine tomorrow but here's a teaser. Another brilliant game

Today was the old guard, low numbers today - it's summer don't you know. Played 2 Kings of War games against Stuart. Great laugh - post later.
However 1st of all I ordered another lucky bag from Northstar which I picked up from my lovely neighbours when I got home. This was a special one as they were all Dark sword miniatures at about £7.50 each but the lucky bag was £25 for 20 - approx £130 off. (note the bag is now £45.

They are excellent figures - very much Hasslefree quality but at full price not worth it. I'll make them up and post them again.
That will do for now but more to come. Oh and I've been thinking what to buy next. I now know I need more ancients. So expect more Republican Romans

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