Sunday 30 July 2017

Lionesses Roar

The England Women's football team beat France tonight to reach the semi finals of the European Championships. A great performance. Well proud.

Getty Images - Jodie Taylor, 5 goals from 6 shots in 4 matches

I also did some painting. Having built my Dark Sword miniatures, Northstar lucky bag (£25 for 20 and not £8 each), I decided to paint a couple. The figures are brilliant but big and too delicate to normal use.

A Game of Thrones Courtesan. -I'm still terrible at photography but I really like the subtle shading I've done on this

   Obviously as a fantasy female figure she has her bum out.

This is a female lizard warrior, very nice and again chuffed with the paint job. I'm still too impatient to finish though

Bum out, even on female lizards

Big chopper

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