Tuesday 4 April 2017

I've had a rest and now back to painting

This is my 1st non-challenge post for ages. I won a £60 gift voucher from Barrage miniatures. They are a wonderful company to deal with and I'm torn between some gun boats (VBCW at sea but a little late date wise) and some terrain (roads and pavements).
I'm a member of the Old Guard wargames club and there is a group project to build ACW forces in 10mm, using mainly Pendraken miniatures . I painted my 1st two regiments this week (on my hols). Both are generic regiments with a firing line (5 figs per stand) and a marching regiment (6 figs per stand)

Fairly pleased with them and I can use the Danes as extra stands.  

Of to play WW2 with Old Guard Friday and then over to the Matt's dungeon on Saturday for some Kings of War action. Another double battle weekend. Top

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