Friday 14 April 2017

My holiday so far

I've had a great couple of weeks off after my field course with the 1st years in the Lakes

Overlooking the Eden Valley

I've played a couple of really good games, had a guest for a few days and been to the seaside to eat fish and chips. Generally fab. Nice and relaxed ( there is a storm waiting a work though).
I have bought a lot of stuff, some expected tomorrow but what has arrived are 6 x 28mm mdf houses from ebay. They were a bargain a £22.95 for all 6 and free postage. They are basic but really good and arrived in a couple of days (here). I've spent a couple of days tarting them up with roof shingles

Cornerstones, window sills and a chimney made from foam block and drinking straws

Painted with with a mix of one coat undercoat with fine sand. Will need a 2nd coat with basic white - I am aware of the irony. The other buildings are rows of terraced houses I scratch built a couple of yeara age and need tarting up. Very much a case of the poor and posh end of town (I have some railway tracks to emphasize this. Will post more when they are done

I've also had a delivery from Empress

Drivers for VBCW vehicles

Lewis gun team. one of these guys had better be deaf already.

That's it for now

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