Thursday 23 March 2017

Challenge update - the one where we get all the toys out

It is customary to post a group shot of all that you have painted during the challenge.

I appear to have painted quite a lot of figures and despite my belief that they weren't as good as last year they are actually pretty good. It's funny isn't it how we remember the few duffers and not the many good 'uns.

So the tally is
28mm infantry 463
28mm cavalry 80
28mm guns 9 plus 7 limbers
28mm vehicles 6
28mm animals 9
10mm infantry 66
10mm cavalry 1

or 683 figures

which looks like this

Everything - although I've missed a few off (16 VBCW figures I think)

Random stuff

Colonial types - Mahdists, Brits, French, Afghans, Boers

More Randoms - Saxons, Normans and my Napoleonic Persians that I cast plus some 10mm Prussians

It's been a great winter and not only have I done more painting than ever but I have also done more gaming than ever. Thanks to all of those in the Challenge for giving me an inspirational winter and to all those that have let me blunder around various battle fields. My general tactic is either to sit tight or to charge forward until I get scared.

This sums up my philosophy

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