Thursday 7 May 2015

Election Day

Today is general election day in UK. For those of you eligible to vote I have one request. Vote. I don't care who for, not strictly true but none of my business. Much has been spoken of politicians broken promises. Well you know that the reason politicians break promises is our fault. We demand things from them and them complain when they can't deliver. because they can't predict the future.
We complain that they are all the same, rich, Oxbridge educated professional politicians.  Well the reason for this is that we don't vote for the other sorts.
Vote for the person who most closely sees the world as you do. Would react to issues in the way you would. If none of them do then next time stand for election yourself.
I'm not politically active, not a member of any party, but I am annoyed with peoples attitudes towards politics.
You always get the government you deserve.

Sorry for the rant and more interesting posts to follow

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