Wednesday 13 May 2015

A big boy did it and ran away

In the last episode our plucky hero started to build a big hill from polystyrene and plaster cloth. Tips from the manufacturer state that for best durability use a mix of PVA glue and water to soak the bandage before using. However the 10 minute setting period took 3 days. So I built 2 more terrain boards and tried to paint some zombies in grey scale. This worked OK but was more grey than grey scale.
First up the zombies

These were very quick - only on hour to paint all 12 and as a horde I think will look fine. I followed the idea of having a splash of colour to set off the grey, in this case red for blood or green and blue for the ties of the office worker zombies.
Next up the terrain boards. These are 60cm by 45cm  6mm MDF which means I can use 4 on my 120 by 90 playing area or 8 on my larger board, although not being square may lead to some issues.
The first board is a wadi or canyon or, well you know. Although using same technique as the hill this dried quickly.

The dried board was painted with brown and yellow water soluble paint and poster paint. Then dry brushed. Sand was then added and the whole board was washed with thinned down PVA tinted with burnt sienna ink to give it a reddish hue.
The next board is a simple large scale walled compound with 4cm high walls made from polystyrene sheet pinned and glued in place and covered in plaster cloth. Once finished with whitish walls and a more interesting base this can be used as a compound from any age if filled with appropriate buildings, either as part of a battle field of the whole play area.

Overall it's been a fairly productive week as I have been prepping figures to free up space in the to do cupboard. I've even had to hang terrain in carrier bags in the spare wardrobe such is my lack of space at the moment.

And finally Too Much Too Young

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