Tuesday 21 April 2015

People Choice Prize

So I won the Peoples Choice Award in the Analogue Hobbies V Painting Challenge for this bit of madness

Yes it's flying carpet wars and no I can't believe it it either. What was a random piece of whimsy seem to really please everyone. Thank you all, maybe I'm not the only lunatic in the world.
So my prize was a 35 euro from Barrage Miniatures (see sidebar), a company I'd not used before. I contacted Alf Barrage and placed an order for an armoured car and some boats. The communications with Alf were great, always trust a man with a Hunter S. Thompson motto on the page. The parcel was despatched the next day and arrived from Spain today. Alf even threw in an extra boat, thank you for that Alf.

The armoured car is a resin Ehrhardt E-V/4 Armoured Car that will look like this when done

Ehrhardt E-V/4 Armoured Car 1:56 (28mm)

but at the moment looks like this

Difficult to tell from an unpainted kit it it looks very promising and will make a cool addition to my VBCW collection.
The best things are the boats, which are really great and were cheap (12 euros each)

I can now launch amphibious operations from 1650 to 1939. In addition to these 3 Alf gave me a free extra boat

Overall I am chuffed with my purchases and the service from Barrage was great.

Right off to get a sou'wester, in the mean time listen to this, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G5vwQuuO52I


  1. Congratulations once again and good use of your prize.

    1. Cheers, off to plan the amphibious invasion of Northumberland

  2. Well done Martin!!! t'was a great entry!

  3. First I've seen of those Flying Carpets, if I'm honest. I had so much on my plate I had to drop out of The Challenge as of early January. Great idea though, and how you've realised them in miniature works really well.

    One thing I had an idea on, with the VBCW, was an Imperial Japanese Naval Force sent in to help out King Edward VIII in exchange for Great Britain, etc., formally giving Diplomatic Recognition to Japanese Manchukuo. Really this was just an excuse for me to play with Japanese stuff, but it never got off the ground as I moved on to different things.

  4. Thanks. The Japanese idea is a good one. The best thing about VBCW is that you can do anything. At the moment my VBCW ideas are around coal mining in Northumberland and the battle between Lord Percy, evil despot, and the valiant miners of Dinnington. Lots of villages and some coast line and the revial of the border reivers.

  5. Congrats, and good luck for the armored car, it looks beautiful...