Monday 27 April 2015

Quite Ugly One Morning

So on Saturday morning I treated my lawn with weed and feed type product to reduce the number of daisies and dandelions and rescue the tired looking grass. On Sunday morning I awoke to a lawn full of daisies, dandelions and blackened grass. Not the effect I was looking for at all.
So I had a full English breakfast with North Staffordshire oatcakes, savory pancakes that you wrap the bacon and eggs in and the greatest culinary delight that there is. Sated and with a much higher cholesterol level, I decided to see if I'd got my painting mojo back. I'd only painted a few figures in the past month and they were only OK, see a previous blog.
Northstar had been been offering lucky bags on sale, 20 random figures from their Osprey rules ranges (Ronin, Fistful of Kung Fu etc) plus a free Sumo figure for £10. I love these lucky bags as there are very few figures I can't use, so I brought 2. Lots of Samurai, some pirates, street gang bangers and some Victorian adventures that I can use in pulp, colonial and VBCW.
First up a zombie fighting street gang. Destiny is a Hasslefree Foxy Brown tribute, Big Francis is one of the sumo figures with a shaved head and a big chain. The other 2, Delroy and George, are built using bodies from zombie figures with heads etc from the bits box.

Next up is the other sumo, the tattoos on his chest are supposed to be red skulls but the look like strawberries so he shall be henceforth be known as Ichigo (think it's Japanese for Strawberry but it could be for soup)

There were a couple of cultists in the box so a gave one a glowing torch and 1 a pick. Not sure what to do with these but will look the part in a zombie game or even in VBCW meets IHMN.

Finally a couple of footmen for Lord Percy in VBCW

I'm  definitely starting to get my mojo back although it's still a little too much about finishing the figure than getting it right (see above).
The blog title is from a Christopher Brookmyre book and if you like dark comedy thrillers written by a furious Scotsman I can strongly recommend his work.
And finally a modern classic, music didn't end in 1981,



  1. Nice one. I love the orange you've used on the HF Destiny figure, I really must try painting orange as it's a colour I don't think I've ever used.

    Cheers for the heads up on the North Star lucky dip bags. I don't normally frequent that webstore but I think I'll have to start checking it out.

    1. Cheers, orange is like yellow in that it can be a colossal pain but thinned and multiple coats works well.
      Big fan of Northstar, very wide range of stuff and frequent sales