Sunday 21 June 2020

1st Century BC Roman Legionaries and some weird trees

So I've just had a week off, only replied to 4 emails all week (my in box is horrific but if it's important they will get back to me).
Weather been pretty rubbish, cloudy and showery. I went to the beach and it was so foggy i couldn't see the sea. I went shopping and they were mainly shut. Still I did a lot of napping and became part of my sister's bubble all weekend, which was nice.
I managed to squeeze in a quick trip to visit Dave and James to drop off some figs and Dave gave me a Gripping Beast Arab Saga Warband
I've done some bitza painting.

A few years ago I was given some metal trees, a donation from Col Bill via the Old Guard and i wasn't sure what to do with them. So I painted them up this week. It was a quick job with green and brown spray paints and a green dry brush.

They are small but work well with 10mm Austrians and there are quite a lot of them

I've also completed my 1st cohort of Romans for the Pontic project

The are Forged in Battle Late Republican Romans and easy to paint

Only another 9 to go plus cavalry, artillery and officers

Hope you are all well


  1. Replies
    1. And you, wish I could have stopped longer.

  2. Good stuff mate....having been off as well I am now facing going back to work I. The dining room ! Anyway will be in touch for a game

    1. yip, just sitting at office / painting desk. Nearly meeting time

  3. Lovely job Martin, those trees worked well.

    1. cheers, I'm very pleased with the trees, and surprised